Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rodeo Princess

I am the (bonus) daughter of a Rodeo Princess

Princess Judy Thompson Schneider

I just received this very shocking email from my Mom Judy ...

Hi Marie:

A friend of Janet's called to tell her that my picture is in the August Travel + Leisure Magazine*. It is described as a "vintage photograph." Insults abound as one ages. Last week end, the gal who wheeled out my groceries asked me if I wanted to hang onto the handle on the cart.

Love, Judy


I immediately offered her my assistance...

Dearest Mom Judy,

I am shocked that the August Travel + Leisure Magazine would malign you that way. Shall I file suit in your honor? I would be happy to attest that their is not one vintage bone in your body.

Unless you stop me I am off to post your picture and comment below on my blog. Thank you for the gift of a smile.


Remember smiles are contagious
Don't forget to pass them on!

This smile brought to you by...

* August issue not on-line yet...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Schneiders Visit A Garden

Portland Japanese Garden

A Schneider Garden for the Day
Americans blessed with the freedom to roam
Please join us!

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Following a path of my heart
Is not as easy as I thought
Hurrying seems to get in my way
What stones will I step on today?

A special smile and hug to cousin Gray who
survived a wonderful weekend of laughter and fun
with his much more liberal leaning northern clan.
Peace and Prosperity to All!

Whimsical gifts from our heart to yours!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kennedy Creek Friends

Kennedy Creek Friends

Traveling again brings back old friends
as well as meeting new ones.

This is David and Maggie
Parents of Ian, our son Casey's friend
from elementary school.
Oh yes and potter's extraordinaires.

Twice a year they have an open house...
luckily they scheduled it just for me. ;)

Whimsical Garden Art!

Frogs from friends.

Amazing hearts in a wonderful spot in Washington.

Thanks Maggie and Dave for you hugs and smiles!