Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rodeo Princess

I am the (bonus) daughter of a Rodeo Princess

Princess Judy Thompson Schneider

I just received this very shocking email from my Mom Judy ...

Hi Marie:

A friend of Janet's called to tell her that my picture is in the August Travel + Leisure Magazine*. It is described as a "vintage photograph." Insults abound as one ages. Last week end, the gal who wheeled out my groceries asked me if I wanted to hang onto the handle on the cart.

Love, Judy


I immediately offered her my assistance...

Dearest Mom Judy,

I am shocked that the August Travel + Leisure Magazine would malign you that way. Shall I file suit in your honor? I would be happy to attest that their is not one vintage bone in your body.

Unless you stop me I am off to post your picture and comment below on my blog. Thank you for the gift of a smile.


Remember smiles are contagious
Don't forget to pass them on!

This smile brought to you by...

* August issue not on-line yet...


KittyKat said...

Judy you look so...well, so perfect.

Marie I just saw the bullsnake feed. Scary!

Jan said...