Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer Wander ... Right where we belong.

I am lost in the vastness of summer, an open road, family that gathers and gathers again. I am lost in this open chapter of my life... in wandering in a truck camper after waiting for it's repair. I am lost in small towns in Washington, Oregon and Idaho... Not knowing so much where we are going but knowing more places we will leave behind.

After a so slow start to our summer journey in our leaky, now fixed, camper we have made good use of it...wandering the northwest...visiting many loved ones...walking miles around a few "could we live here?" small towns as journeying out in the amazing beauty of this NW world.

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Wander and Wonder
Look, Love, Laugh, Smile
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Anonymous said...

Though I keep checking that which is good... I see no updates for a long long long time. I hope your heart returns to the good.

my new meditation mantra:

I give thanks, for everything.
I have no complaints, about anything.

love you Marie, cousin XOXkat